Why are we getting “The path is not of a legal form” for a FileInfo constructor?



We're creating a FileInfo object in C# using the following code:

if (planConfig->OrganisationsFilePath != nullptr)
   FileInfo^ file = gcnew FileInfo(planConfig->OrganisationsFilePath);
   //Do some stuff here

and our customers are reporting that they see an ArgumentException with “The path is not of a legal form” as the message being thrown. We cannot reproduce this and we're wondering what string you'd need to pass to the FileInfo constructor to see this error?

  • Any random junk would throw that exception.

    Adrian Godong21 июля 2009, 10:02

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The path probably contains invalid characters. See the MSDN documentation on FileInfo constructor.

ArgumentException:The file name is empty, contains only white spaces, or contains invalid characters.