php/mysql client management software?



I'm looking for some software that will allow me to do the following:

alt text

I don't need anything fancy, just basic information, back and forth dated comments, etc. No payment integration, or file handling.

Thought I'd ask before I write my own

  • Something of a duplicate of:

    Frank Farmer17 сентября 2009, 23:16

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Good luck with that - but from what I've seen, most of the stuff out there have x100 more features, and an appropriate learning curve. I don't know if you can find something with the exact features you've asked.

What's the problem with rolling your own, though? As long as you use a framework, isn't it just a couple days' work (maybe even a day)? Learning/using a full-fledged CMS might take more time.

  • i agree that it’s probably easier to make your own if you just want a few simple things. I’m actually planning on doing something like this for myself, but with some sort of bug tracking and file uploads.

    Matthew Rapati17 сентября 2009, 22:20

This may be overkill, but you may want to take a look at SugarCRM

  • Я использую сахар CRM на работе, и действительно это biiiiiigggggggggg: D

    AntonioCS18 ноября 2009, 23:27
  • Я раньше употреблял сахарную краску, ничего себе!

    mrpatg17 сентября 2009, 20:43