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How can I UPDATE rows returned by a SELECT in a loop?

I have a loop on the rows returned by an SQL SELECT statement, and, after some processing on a row's data, I sometimes want to UPDATE the row's value. The processing in the loop's body is non-trivial, and I can't write it in SQL. When I try to execute the UPDATE for the selected row I get an er...

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How do I fix "Symbol not found: _is_prefix" when compiling Perl's DBD::mysql?

First I wanted to build the DBD::mysql package. That kept failing because whatever make resulted in could not be loaded for the tests with a Symbol not found: _is_prefix. So I assumed that cpan might be a tad old. I know it's a random assumption, but cpan did tell me to install the latest Bundle:...

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DBD::Oracle causing corruption to System calls?

Seeing some strange behavior, whereby connecting to Oracle database, and then calling external function, the value of $? is always -1. Problem machine is running standard AIX5.3, with DBD::Oracle 1.20 and DBI 1.602. #!/usr/bin/perl -w use DBI; CORE::system "pwd"; print "Before connect: $?\n"; D...

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Почему моя программа DBI жалуется на «Неопределенная подпрограмма и DBD :: Pg :: db :: _ login»?

Я пытаюсь использовать базу данных PostgreSQL для хранения информации о сеансе Apache, но не могу заставить ее работать. Выдает следующую ошибку: Undefined subroutine &DBD::Pg::db::_login Похоже, что пользователи MySQL столкнулись с той же проблемой в DBD :: MySQL :: db. У меня есть ...