How to change the Lock Screen on Windows 8

Posted On March 31, 2013 Posted By Sudip Paul
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lock screen edit OF windows 8

Windows 8 introduce a new concept. That is lock Screen.
When you log in to Windows 8 for the first time, the very initial changes that you will notice will be the Lock Screen. It is very useful for tablet users. I think they will love it.

Desktop and laptop users may not find the addition much helpful but tablet users will like it. Today we will see how we can customize the Lock Screen.

The lock screen is not just a related image – it covers widgets that display instant notifications.

These widgets, known as lock screen apps, to view information – such as new emails, climate, calendar schedules, direct messages or social updates – without even unlocking your PC.

Lock Screen disable system:

If you are bothering to use the lock screen, or you dislike it then you can avoid this . Though, Microsoft has a system that is “disable lock screen” option but it is hidden.

Actually, it is very simple to disable the lock screen. There are two simple way to.

  • Using the Registry – This system works on all editions of Windows 8. We’ve even referred a . reg file for easily download and make this change just double-click .
  • Using set strategy– If you have the Proficient version of Windows 8, you can use the group policy editor to disable the lock screen.

When you made this change, Windows will display the password on time, saving you a key-press during the login procedure.

change windows 8 lock screen

Choose a Lock Screen Background

On Windows 8, Lock screen settings are to be found in the PC setting application. undo the Settings ( press Windows Key + I to quickly open the Settings charm from anywhere in Windows) and click Change PC settings.

change Pc Settings

Now click the Personalize category and choose Lock screen. Select (or tap) a afforded background pictures or use the Browse button and choose any picture from where u store it or save it . like your computer , SkyDrive , Bring , or your camera.

choose lock screen background

For more features, try using the Chameleon app present the Windows stock up. It also observe “your best photo”-type services and automatically change your lock screen background on a list, a feature not built-in with Windows 8.


Arrange Lock Screen Apps

In Windows 8, Lock screen widgets – known as “lock screen apps”– when your PC is locked, let you analysis information at a glimpse Apps added to the lock screen are allowed to run in the background . so they can bring new, updated information and display it on the lock screen.

You can also arrange the list from the Lock screen function sector. under the lock screen background selector. Select (or tap) an icon and choose the app in that site. You can find more widgets by installing more Windows Store apps – apps can choose to contain lock screen addition. If you do not want any lock screen apps or just want a few , you can select the “Don’t show quick status here” option.


You can also prefer an app to show a more feature category. Give an example, when someone wants to show a detailed conditions status, then He/she will see the conditions showed in message on your lock screen.


Modifying the lock screen – it’s all about background pictures and lock screen apps. though with tradition backgrounds and apps, each person’s lock screen could look special.

That’s how you can customize the all-new lock screen on Windows 8. If you are using a tablet Lock screen concept is very useful . For laptops and desktops it’s more comfortable if you disable it all together.