How To Capture Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S

Posted On February 1, 2013 Posted By Sudip Paul
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We can easily take or capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S (Original Galaxy S) with just two steps. One day i tried a lot to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S. Each Android Phone have a different way to capture a screenshot. I didn’t know how to take screenshot. I asked one of my friend then he told me how to capture screenshot. Now i am going to share the trick.

This trick will work at Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.3.6). But you can try this on other Android Version of Samsung Galaxy S. Follow the instruction below to know How to do screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S.

How to do screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S

Steps To Take Screenshot at Samsung Galaxy S

  1. Go to the screen which you want to capture. Now Press the Back button in the right bottom and hold it, then press the Home button in the middle. After a moment you will hear a capture sound.
  2. Your screen already captured. Now Go to the Gallery app you will see there a folder which name is Screen Capture. Open it, You will see the image you captured.

Please watch this video. It will help you to capture screenshot:

I think you already captured your first screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S.

If you feel any kind of problem then comment below. I will try to solve your problem.

How To Take Screenshot On Galaxy S2 and S3

We all know that the newest Samsung Galaxy devices such as Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII which run on a newer version of Android. To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 just click on the link below.

How to Take Screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S2
How Do You Take a Screenshot On The Galaxy S3

  • Roge

    umm.. hitting back will change the screen you are trying to take a picture of…

    • Subin

      it works, just hold on to the back button and then hit the home button..